[200q20v] Avant Radio question

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 13 14:35:32 EST 2002

Any Blaupunkt is by far the easiest to install, inasmuch as current
Blaupunkts all use the same connectors as the Audi Blaupunkts, so no wire
splicing, just a couple of pins to move within one connector.


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> At 10:58 PM -0500 1/11/02, ELLIEOLSEN at aol.com wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> Have any of the avant owners out there instaled a Audi BOSE (92-95) radio to
>> replace their dead DELTA radio?
>> The wirering harness looks identical and all it all fits in there, but I have
>> no sound. Is there an easy way to make this work or do I just enjoy the sound
>> of the car and road?
>> Please let me know if YOU have made a successful switch.
> The bose radio units from the 92-95's can only be swapped into a
> sedan, not an avant...they are pretty much drop-in on the sedan,
> however.
> The avant does not have powered speakers...and the bose radios only
> output line-level audio, not nearly enough to drive the speakers.
> I'm somewhat amazed the connectors are even the same.
> Just buy yourself a nice Sony/Blaupunkt/Pioneer/whatever head unit
> and drop it in...the quality of just about any CD head unit these
> days is so infinitely better than the old Audi head units...mostly
> because its CD vs cassette...
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