[200q20v] Re: [V8] recall et.al.

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Jan 13 23:25:26 EST 2002

>  > Just a reminder that Audi has issued a recall for the 100,200,v8
>  > regarding possible fires in the rear speakers(?)

Unless things have changed recently, there is no such recall.

Read the announcement very carefully, specifically the terminology
used...and note the ending part, which states that Audi has neither
contacted owners nor devised a solution, and has not provided an
estimate for when -either- will be done/available.

All Audi did was say "gosh golly gee, there's this problem..."  It is
an announcement, a press release, a formal acknowledgement that there
is, in fact, a problem(which they've been denying for years, so it's
a step.)

It is -not- a recall!  There isn't even a date by which a recall will
be available.

The recall is also grossly incomplete.  The front speakers fail as
well, either for the same reasons the rears do(underrated capacitor)
or because the rears cause the fronts to fail.  I spoke with a
technician at Soundgate who said that some Bose systems are well
known for having one bad speaker cause all the others in the car to
go bad.

But, of course, the front speakers don't start burning, they just
stop working.  So, no recall.  $500 new, $250-something
"refurbished", -if- you can find them.  New units are not available
anymore from anywhere, and it would appear that the number of
refurbished units in the entire US VAG distributor network could be
counted on one hand; been that way for at least a year, and confirmed
both times through Carlsen and Clair Express.

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