[200q20v] Re: Timing Belt Kits and Tools

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Mon Jan 14 09:55:36 EST 2002

I am about to do the timing belt, etc. on my '91 200 TQW. Blau has the
complete kit on sale, along with a tool rental. Anybody BTDT with this
kit, and are the tools required?  It has been a few years since I did
this job myself and I can't remember the details, but I did not have
the tools then.

Also, recently when I put my foot down hard, the engine will spool up
with full boost at 1.7/1.8 but above 3000 RPM it suddenly looses its
way and stutters. Boost and acceleration falls off. There is actually
a sound from the engine room like something is venting, but I can't
find any bad hoses, etc.  From recent posts I gather that the
distributor gear may be bad, or the timing belt has worn/loose to the
point that it does not precisely maintain timing (??)
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