[200q20v] Re: Timing Belt Kits and Tools

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Mon Jan 14 14:41:34 EST 2002

I've had a similiar sound when the TBV is going  bad also. Sounds like more
boost dumping than normal, but I would sure suspect the upper hose first. I
was able to duct tape mine and ran with it that way at full boost for the
week it took to get the new one from Rod - now I carry it as a spare.

mike miller
helmville, mt

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> George,
> According to your description, it sounds like you have a tear in your
upper intercooler hose. I had the same problem but did not experience any
boost beyond 1.0 bar (indicated on the dash gauge).
> I heard a whooshing noise under the hood every time I got on the boost,
but could not build beyond atmospheric. I could not feel the tear until I
actually removed the hose and inspected it. This was the reason I replaced
my intercooler hoses with Samco silicone hoses, which can be sourced from
Euro-Car Service in Ohio- Tom is a good guy.
> http://www.euro-car-service.com.
> If you find an alternative cause to your problem, please let us know on
the list.
> Taka
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