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Andrew Duane USG duane at hunch.zk3.dec.com
Tue Jan 15 15:32:44 EST 2002

Hairy green toads from Mars made Buchholz, Steven say:

> It seems like the government is already in the process of working out a
> recall with Audi.  I really wonder how many people here have shared their
> concerns with the NHTSA using the standard reporting method.  I suspect very
> few folks here actually have ... and if that is the case, who else cares
> about fixing a problem on an old Audi?

Well, don't hold your breath.

Recently, we bought a car for our daughter, who is 16.5, and just
getting her license. Actually, she made her first solo drive

Anyway, based on the fact that it got good safety ratings, and is
about the most sold car in the world, we bought a recent Ford Taurus.
They've sold 25 million of these, they have to be decent, right???

Well, it turns out that since 1992, the automatic trannies Ford
and Mercury has been putting into these cars and others like them
have suffered a 20% mortality rate! There is a TSB about them
losing 4th gear. Just disappears due to an internal fault that
Ford has known about for 8 years!

Recall? Hardly! Help with the repair? Must be dreaming!

$2100 for a new tranny in a 5 year old car :-(

So, we're pursuing the last remedy we have, a class action lawsuit.

Sorry, it's in the shop today getting the new tranny, and I had to vent.
This is the first Ford we've ever bought. Count on it being the last.


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