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To all on the lists that replied to the FAW parts from China discussions,
I would first like to thank everyone that replied with all your comments an=
d interest in the idea for getting parts for cheap from China.

I have started listing the stuff that all have submitted and am coming up w=
ith some interesting results.
Among the first thing I noticed is most of the newer Audi's (c4's(s4-s6, b5=
(a4-s4) need very little parts most of the items requested ..surprise surpr=
ise on the top of the list...Euro lights...it seems no one wants US spec li=
ghts over in the US....following close behind was brakes with the UFO's for=
 V8's ...then come the everyday replacement parts...exhausts, fuel pumps, b=
ushings, cv's ..etc.etc..I did get those once in a while mystical parts tha=
t no one can get or rarely sees...but even that is welcome because I can al=
ways ask what it will cost to tool up and unit price..

I am putting a list together this week and will publish it hopefully later =
this weekend for everyone to see and comment further... all this will be ta=
ken to these suppliers over in China for then to tear into and gets us some=
 prices and or possibilities.

Initially the reaction was not as big as I thought it would be even with th=
e second message I send out but
I'm hoping the other forums around the world will make up for the bigger in=
terest.(Germany type44 & V8 groups...Austria 80,90 groups..) Eastern Europe=
...still to contact...

don't get me wrong there was still allot of feedback just not as I had anti=
cipated...as guess more interest will also rise when I get a list going wit=
h prices as well..


Ps. if you still have added any of your input there is always time...plenty=
 of it...
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