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The vast majority of us are middle aged white males. Do you think any media
outlet would consider this a story when they can get semi-attractive soccer
moms to cry on TV? Throw kids into it and you've got a Lifetime movie on
your hands.

Life is too short to worry about this. Fix your car and drive it!

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> Watched ABC this morning.  They had a piece on about Chrysler
> minivans.  An actual owner who was leaning down to inspect
> the puddle of gas that had collected under it was interviewed.
> The van/gas chose that moment to ignite.  He ended up twenty
> feet away on fire.
> Chrysler has drug their feet since fall 2000.  They're just now going
> to issue a recall "in a matter of weeks".  This with only 25 known
> fires and 135 known cases of leaks.  Those are pretty darn small
> numbers, but this is a very serious scenario.
> All this with a line of minivans of which there seems to be
> millions on the road and the main purpose of which is to
> carry multiple people, usually children (arguably), which in
> effect subjects two to three times as many people to this danger.
> I wonder if we could get some similar exposure?  Anyone know
> anybody at ABC?  Their bleeding hearts would likely gush at
> another story of vehicle fires.
> But if Chrysler can avoid the radar for so long, do we have any
> chance of ever seeing any pressure exerted on Audi?
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> > >> Just a reminder that Audi has issued a recall for the
> > >> 100,200,v8 regarding possible fires in the rear speakers(?)
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