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Tue Jan 15 16:22:52 EST 2002


First of all, I want to applaud what you are doing...

>Initially the reaction was not as big as I thought it would be even with
>the second message I send out but
>I'm hoping the other forums around the world will make up for the bigger
>interest.(Germany type44 & V8 groups...Austria 80,90 groups..) Eastern
>Europe...still to contact...
>don't get me wrong there was still allot of feedback just not as I had
>anticipated...as guess more interest will also rise when I get a list
>going with prices as well..

But I also want to comment on the "low" level of feedback.

I think that it's due to skepticism on the level of product quality.

I've had some experience with Chinese made strut bearings, and I would not
recommend them to anyone based upon the experience.

That said, somewhere along this thread there was a mention of FAW having
ISO 9000 certification.

I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but certification does not guaranty
product quality - It means that your business model meets the requirements
of the standard, that's it.  (I work both sides of the ISO 9k - I audit to
it as part of my job, and help create processes and procedures to meet it.)

I think getting some "samples" and then sharing how they compare to the
"normal" oem Audi might be necessary...

Paul, I support your intent, but to generalize, I think that a certain
level of pessimism on quality needs to be overcome, first.


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