[200q20v] RE:Update, Drive shaft alignment?

Reid, Les C. Les.Reid at Centrilift.com
Tue Jan 15 16:24:26 EST 2002

Just an update on how I checked the shaft straightness.

I decided to go with a string which was mounted with a 1-1/8" offset from
the shaft.

On each end of the shaft I used a 4" long 3/4" all-thread bolts with two
nuts (one nut on each end of the bolts)
I secured each bolt to the shaft with pull-ties.  Before synching I ran the
string under each pull-tie.

The string was pulled tight over the top of each nut which gave a offset of
1-1/8", this allowed clearance through the center bearing support at about a
45% angle.
The pull-ties kept the string tight while I checked the gap near the center
brg.  I used another 3/4" nut to check the gap along the shaft to the center

Conclusion: My shaft was straight to the accuracy available.
So I guess I wasted my time. But at least now I know.

Thanks for all the input.


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Subject: Drive shaft alignment?

Recently had a vibration in the drive shaft and a major oil leak at the
flange seal.
I replaced the final drive seal and bearing and re-lubed the front CV joint
of the drive shaft.

Now for re-installation, the Bentley says to have a special tool to hold the
drive shaft straight.
I did not have said tool and was running out of time so I put it back on
with eyeball method. The vibration sound is gone. But when I have some time
I would like to check the shaft alignment.

Need an easy method to align drive shaft.
String? 2x4? any BTDT?

Les Reid

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