[200q20v] Ford sans 4th gear

Michael L. Riebs michael at 1stchoicegranite.com
Tue Jan 15 18:37:57 EST 2002

You are already Audi owners, right???
Well, you should have known better than to buy American cheapo's then. Or
Japanese rice boilers. There's such a thing as "planned obsoletion", which
is what keeps Americans replacing their stuff every 2 - 5 years. If you want
a quality, long-lasting product - buy German or Swedish (of course that's
American too, now...)

Michael Riebs
Grand Rapids, MI
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Only 6 & 7 remain.

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> Hairy green toads from Mars made Buchholz, Steven say:
> > It seems like the government is already in the process of working out a
> > recall with Audi.  I really wonder how many people here have shared
> > concerns with the NHTSA using the standard reporting method.  I suspect
> > few folks here actually have ... and if that is the case, who else cares
> > about fixing a problem on an old Audi?
> Well, don't hold your breath.
> Recently, we bought a car for our daughter, who is 16.5, and just
> getting her license. Actually, she made her first solo drive
> yesterday!
> Anyway, based on the fact that it got good safety ratings, and is
> about the most sold car in the world, we bought a recent Ford Taurus.
> They've sold 25 million of these, they have to be decent, right???
> Well, it turns out that since 1992, the automatic trannies Ford
> and Mercury has been putting into these cars and others like them
> have suffered a 20% mortality rate! There is a TSB about them
> losing 4th gear. Just disappears due to an internal fault that
> Ford has known about for 8 years!
> Recall? Hardly! Help with the repair? Must be dreaming!
> $2100 for a new tranny in a 5 year old car :-(
> So, we're pursuing the last remedy we have, a class action lawsuit.
> Sorry, it's in the shop today getting the new tranny, and I had to vent.
> This is the first Ford we've ever bought. Count on it being the last.
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