[200q20v] Radiator Woes

Zoot531 at aol.com Zoot531 at aol.com
Wed Jan 16 02:26:31 EST 2002

     I would greatly appreciate any input you may offer into this very sore situation.  I have located a very reputable audi mechanic in my area (Stockton CA) and I currently have it under his care for a cracked plastic radiator pipe (among other things)...This pipe is integral to the entire primary radiator thus making necessary the replacement of the entire unit.  I say primary because i was not aware that a secondary radiator even existed...  He then showed me that indeed it does.  The problem is this:  The original radiator included a pipe running to the second radiator, and replacements for this factory set up are rare, so my mechanic suggests installing a radiator that will fit but not flow to the secondary radiator...he says the secondary is not necessary unless I am "racing" it all the time because the engine runs cool as is.  He was able to find the correct radiator, but it was priced around $450 as opposed to $200.  As a college student on a budget, i want to go with the cheaper one, but what effec
ts on engine cooling and or performance can i expect?  Is the secondary radiator really necessary?

Thanks for your time,
Adam Chinchiolo
1991 200q20v Turbo Quattro

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