[200q20v] UPDATE: Headlight Protection Group Buy

Gary Anderson wanemardo at attbi.com
Wed Jan 16 23:11:10 EST 2002

What I saw at Stongard's shop were both the DOT and Euro headlight covers.
The only difference between them were the DOT cutouts.  I asked them to
check both part numbers.
So, they measured my Euros in order to have the correct size (coverage) for
the euro lenses.
I talked to their shop manager today, and offered to bring my car to their
shop to confirm they have it correct before they ship new ones to Greg Bird
and others.
Crossed fingers hope they get it right.
Gary A....
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Shayne. et al:

I'm interested in the GP, IF the product that Stongard supplies actually
covers most of the headlight lens, and doesn't leave glass exposed as it
does in its current form.   And I also assume that we will get the
protection for the Euro lenses (I.e. without the DOT cout -outs)


At 07:22 PM 1/15/2002 -0800, Shayne wrote:
>Sorry to throw this on you, but StonGärd has also agreed to work with us on
>a group purchase.  They will take 15% the prices listed on their web page.
>And, we only need a minimum of 25 sets!
>This might be a better option yet as they are already cut to fit.  I had
>heard back from them, so I assumed they were not going to "play".  Well,
>they did get back to me.

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