[200q20v] Caig DeoxIT, etc

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Jan 18 13:43:21 EST 2002

As usual,  stuff I need isn't available locally. So, no surprise that
the (Qlist-recommended)  "DeoxIT" contact cleaner is unknown around
here. The Caig web site shows DeoxIt is available in many
forms--there's a 100% solution (in a 2 ml squeeze tube applicator, or
in a 7.5 ml bottle) and also it can be had as a 5% solution in a
pump-spray can. I can order online, but what product? BTW, the DeoxIT
material now being marketed by Caig under the name, "R5 Power
Booster". Same stuff, they say.

So--for power window switches, instrument cluster contacts, etc.--is
it best to apply DeoxIT (R5) at 5% or 100%? I had thought most people
dilute the concentrate (down to 5%), but the 100% liquid is sold in a
little squeeze applicator bottle, so evidently there are some uses at
100%. Seems to me that the 100% liquid in 7.5 ml bottle may be the
most cost-effective way to buy it.

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