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Fri Jan 18 15:46:27 EST 2002

At 1:43 PM -0500 1/18/02, Phil Rose wrote:
>As usual,  stuff I need isn't available locally. So, no surprise that
>the (Qlist-recommended)  "DeoxIT" contact cleaner is unknown around

Radio Shack used to carry some Caig stuff; its special order now, I'm
fairly certain.

>The Caig web site shows DeoxIt is available in many
>forms--there's a 100% solution (in a 2 ml squeeze tube applicator, or
>in a 7.5 ml bottle) and also it can be had as a 5% solution in a
>pump-spray can. I can order online, but what product? BTW, the DeoxIT
>material now being marketed by Caig under the name, "R5 Power
>Booster". Same stuff, they say.
>So--for power window switches, instrument cluster contacts, etc.--is
>it best to apply DeoxIT (R5) at 5% or 100%? I had thought most people
>dilute the concentrate (down to 5%), but the 100% liquid is sold in a
>little squeeze applicator bottle, so evidently there are some uses at
>100%. Seems to me that the 100% liquid in 7.5 ml bottle may be the
>most cost-effective way to buy it.

There are three forms and three concentrations:
100%, no solvent.  Stuff sticks around forever, you have to wipe most
of it off.  For getting into areas where you don't want the solvents,
or you really want some intense action.  I have the 100% needle
application bottle and the stuff will take corrosion off pennies it's
so strong, but it needs to sit.

%50 naptha- solvent evaporates over 2 weeks or so

%5, forget what solvent...evaporates in a few minutes.

%5 is generally recommended for most things.  It leaves a small
amount of the product behind, evaporates quickly.

R5 power booster is just yet another solvent, I don't remember which.
Some part of the R5 product literature states this.

The tech sheets can be a little yawn-intensive, but if you go through
them, they do explain everything and demystify which gets used for
what etc.

BTW, don't buy direct from them, muchos expensive, and they'll
readily admit that; they don't like doing direct, so they price it
more expensive.  I bought from: www.mcmelectronics.com.

I also bought a box of chemtronics electronics low-lint cotton qtips.
Cost was something like $5 and you got a box of 3000, sealed in 300
count bags.  They beat the snot out of drugstore qtips for
detailing(think A/C vent fins etc!) and contact cleaning; far more
durable, and the handle is 3x longer.  MCM sells about 20 other kinds
of qtips, so you really can take your pick.  Forget Griots :-)

By the way, Caig's rubber cleaner(CaiKleen RBR) works great on
misbehaving printers(anyone who has ever owned an HP printer knows
-exactly- what I'm talking about) but the smallest size available is
pretty big.

Just got through convincing the neighbors I'm insane(er, washing the
car.)  It was actually snowing just a teensy bit :-)

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