[200q20v] shortened exhaust...fire hazard?

Tresturbos at aol.com Tresturbos at aol.com
Fri Jan 18 17:00:53 EST 2002

My mufflers are getting tired after 117k miles.  I will eventually get around
to replacing the whole down-pipe back system with a Random Tech 3" cat to a
3" catback. I'm not sure whether or not I will use muffler(s).

To help in that decision, I'm thinking of experimenting with a shortened
version of the current unit. I would simply remove the mufflers by pulling
them from the bolted sleeve prior to the center resonator. Driving around
without the mufflers would give me an idea of what a straight pipe catback
would sound like, albeit a bit louder given it's exit just aft of my ears!

For now my question is whether or not this arrangement might pose a fire


Mitch Frey
Portland, Oregon
'91 200tq IA Stage 3
'00 A6 2.7T

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