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Fri Jan 18 19:26:38 EST 2002

Thanks for the tip about mcmelectronics.com. They had what I
wanted--cost about 30% less than Caig's online price. As to the
Deoxit--I compromised and got a 150 ml pump-spray can of 50%
solution--only $11. That oughta be enough to renovate the balky
electrical stuff of several Audi generations to come. I've been out
of Qtips for a while I realized, so I also ordered a bunch of them
--makes the shipping charge seem a little less severe. Soon I'll have
no excuse for not tearing out the instrument cluster and fixing all
those erratic contacts and broken PCB traces.


At 3:46 PM -0500 1/18/02, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>At 1:43 PM -0500 1/18/02, Phil Rose wrote:
>>As usual,  stuff I need isn't available locally. So, no surprise that
>>the (Qlist-recommended)  "DeoxIT" contact cleaner is unknown around
>Radio Shack used to carry some Caig stuff; its special order now, I'm
>fairly certain.
>>The Caig web site shows DeoxIt is available in many
>>forms--there's a 100% solution (in a 2 ml squeeze tube applicator, or
>>in a 7.5 ml bottle) and also it can be had as a 5% solution in a
>>pump-spray can. I can order online, but what product? BTW, the DeoxIT
>>material now being marketed by Caig under the name, "R5 Power
>>Booster". Same stuff, they say.
>>So--for power window switches, instrument cluster contacts, etc.--is
>>it best to apply DeoxIT (R5) at 5% or 100%? I had thought most people
>>dilute the concentrate (down to 5%), but the 100% liquid is sold in a
>>little squeeze applicator bottle, so evidently there are some uses at
>>100%. Seems to me that the 100% liquid in 7.5 ml bottle may be the
>>most cost-effective way to buy it.
>There are three forms and three concentrations:
>100%, no solvent.  Stuff sticks around forever, you have to wipe most
>of it off.  For getting into areas where you don't want the solvents,
>or you really want some intense action.  I have the 100% needle
>application bottle and the stuff will take corrosion off pennies it's
>so strong, but it needs to sit.
>%50 naptha- solvent evaporates over 2 weeks or so
>%5, forget what solvent...evaporates in a few minutes.
>%5 is generally recommended for most things.  It leaves a small
>amount of the product behind, evaporates quickly.
>R5 power booster is just yet another solvent, I don't remember which.
>Some part of the R5 product literature states this.
>The tech sheets can be a little yawn-intensive, but if you go through
>them, they do explain everything and demystify which gets used for
>what etc.
>BTW, don't buy direct from them, muchos expensive, and they'll
>readily admit that; they don't like doing direct, so they price it
>more expensive.  I bought from: www.mcmelectronics.com.
>I also bought a box of chemtronics electronics low-lint cotton qtips.
>Cost was something like $5 and you got a box of 3000, sealed in 300
>count bags.  They beat the snot out of drugstore qtips for
>detailing(think A/C vent fins etc!) and contact cleaning; far more
>durable, and the handle is 3x longer.  MCM sells about 20 other kinds
>of qtips, so you really can take your pick.  Forget Griots :-)
>By the way, Caig's rubber cleaner(CaiKleen RBR) works great on
>misbehaving printers(anyone who has ever owned an HP printer knows
>-exactly- what I'm talking about) but the smallest size available is
>pretty big.
>Just got through convincing the neighbors I'm insane(er, washing the
>car.)  It was actually snowing just a teensy bit :-)
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