[200q20v] Upgraded Brakes

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 19 00:18:45 EST 2002

If you can swing it, do it! The BIRA setup is so
much nicer feeling than the UFOs, I can't get over
how nice and progressive the brakes are now- I'm using
Hawk HPS pads, don't know how much of a difference that
makes, but the brakes feel much, much better.

While the UFOs are an innovative design, IMHO they are
not very good in execution- massive rotor weight, poor
heat dissipation. My brake setup should be far better
in heat dissipation- directionally vented rotors, thicker
at 30mm, no UFO ring to trap heat, the brake cooling scoops
still fit, better calipers.

Only thing I'm thinking now is that I could have gotten
996tt/GT3 calipers with 993tt rotor rings and custom hats
to really get a kick-butt system, but that's getting carried
away- it's not necessary.

I'm also glad I don't have to pay $600 for rotors.


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