[200q20v] Upgraded Brakes

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Sat Jan 19 06:00:20 EST 2002


You're in a tough spot. G60's just aren't enough brake for your car (it
weighs what, about 300 lbs more than mine?), UFO's are just plain pricey,
and so is the 993 conversion, though once that's done, replacement of
wear parts becomes much more "normal". I'd start either saving up for or
piecemealing the 993 conversion if I were you.


On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 18:24:01 -0800 (PST) CL Wong <montesawong at yahoo.com>
>I had originally thought I would not do the BIRA
>conversion due to cost constraints, but I've recently
>been wavering in my resolve (maybe I could buy a few
>parts at a time).
>My UFO rotors are original at 120k and look pretty
>thin.  While I'm sure I can go a bit longer (my
>integra has original rotors at 145k, and Bernie has
>original UFO rotors at 180k?) I feel I need to start
>thinking about replacement options:
>1- replace with high performance
>2- replace with OEM and risk warping with a bad set of
>rotors (is this possible?)
>91 200Q 20v (Hoppen stage 1, Bilsteins, Eibachs, RKE)
>97 A4 2.8Q 12v (Shaumberg T/B, K&N panel)
>Rockland County, NY
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