[200q20v] Upgraded Brakes

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 19 21:44:55 EST 2002

That is true, but at $1300 for a track-ready brake system,
that is quite a fair price.

When you have calipers that need a full rebuild and warped
rotors, then UFO rotor replacement is not enough and then
you're talking about some serious bucks- I don't know how
much it would cost to do a full rebuild of my calipers, but
it wouldn't be cheap (gotta do that anyway one of these days).
Plus, degreasing and cleaning the calipers is a major PITA-
I imagine it will take me several hours w/ a Dremel to really
clean them up and take all of the rust off as a prep for


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At ~$300 per rotor UFOs just are not that pricey Vs

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