[200q20v] RS2 & 3B - Fueling Around

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 19 21:55:20 EST 2002

Not totally correct, Brett.

If you read GregG's message completely, you'll see that he already
has IA Stage III+, so another chip won't make any difference for him.

Switching turbos will not change the maximum boost levels, but a larger
turbo running the same boost will flow more air and require fuel map
mods to maintain correct a/f ratios.

The RS2 manifold is a good idea for any setup beyond stock in that
you will reduce the problems w/ cylinders 1 and 5 running lean and get
rid of the stupid stock 3B manifold design. Once you get into very high
power outputs north of 380hp, you'll need to look at alternative
to take that next step beyond the magic 400 number.

I would not add the RS2 MAF, injectors or software unless you do all of
it at once, as the engine will not be running in proper spec- the RS2
injectors run at a different fuel pressure than the 3B, requiring the
FPR or an adjustable unit running at RS2 FPR level, the MAF will give a
faulty reading to the ECU w/o software calibrated to the RS2 MAF and
the converse will occur w/ RS2 software running stock 3B components.
Custom software (I know Lehman has this) to run a mix of components is
possible and would be necessary should you decide to run something other
than a full RS2 setup with that RS2 turbo, unless you're running just
the manifold, which I don't believe would cause any problems.

That's why I haven't gone beyond the simple chip- going to a bigger
requires so much other ancillary equipment that it gets quite expensive-
that will have to wait until I get a real job. :-)


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