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You are missing an important point in any turbo
upgrade.  Air quality.  Dense charge air.

It seemed as if you were saying there is no advantage
to a turbo upgrade.

Consider an IA stage 3.  Boost peaks up to 18-19psi
and falls back to a safe for the K24 turbo 1 bar level
at higher rpms.  Reason is to save the turbo.  It will
mechanically die trying to maintain  19psi while the
engine spins 6-7000 rpm.  Also the quality of the air
it force feeding the engine is too hot.  Hot air does
not make power.  In this case you'd be out of the
turbos optimum range.  Ned and MTM know this and dial
back the boost.
 Ned and MTM also know that briefly venture past the
optimum but at lower engine speeds the turbo can
handle it, for awhile.

Greg has the IA 3+, this ECU runs boost up to @22psi
and then again dials back to 1 bar for the same
reasons as above.  Too fast shaft speeds and air
quality NFG.   The air a K24 would be pumping at 22psi
while the engine spins 6000rpm would be very hot, make
little power and just be looking for a place to

Add the RS2 turbo.   If all boost mapping stayed the
same as for a K24 then HP would be nearly the same.
But the RS2 will produce cooler denser air charge.
That equals HP and torque.

With an RS2 turbo the air it produces at high turbo
speeds is denser, less hot than a K24 and will make
more HP than a K24 at the same speeds/boost levels.
These speeds and boost levels are in its range.  Whic
is the pooint of this or any turbo upgrade.  To
maintain cooler/denser air up into the high rpm range.

IA and MTM can hold that higher boost pressure longer
and into higher rpm than they can with a K24.   Equals
more HP and torque.
An RS2 car pulls hard longer than a K24 car.   The
extra high rpm performance in an RS2 car is noticable
and is there because the RS2 is meant to run
efficiently in those ranges/boost levels.

An RS2 turbo will nearly always be putting out denser
air able to make more power than a K24 even at 1 bar
boost.   BTDT on Ford 2.3 turbos.  I made more power
on LESS boost and that was even keeping the same
exhaust housing.

Also note that many Porsche turbo and intercooler
upgrades still run at only 1 bar boost but make more
power than stock turbos.

Dense air is what it is about.

You do of course loose some low speed response but
this is expected and not news.

I'm sure Ned can do an ECU mod to take into account
the extra air flow.  As for adding all the RS2 goodies
see a site I found yesterday.

I think it was called euro-audi-parts?  They import
and sell euro audi parts and they offer packages for
RS2ing the AAN and 3B engines.  They explain some of
the problems with certain RS2 parts on the 3B.

Hope this helps


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