[200q20v] Brake bleeding

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 07:54:45 EST 2002

I've used an old refrigerator compressor as a vacuum
pump at each brake... Never tried the clutch.

I have the little bottle from the mityvac brake
bleeding kit and it appears to work well once I get
the compressor going.  Alas, I think the compressor
was on its last legs and won't start next time I try
to use it.

You're supposed to bleed starting at the rear
passenger and end at the rear passenger (yup, do it
twice), something about making sure you get all the
old stuff out.

--- Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:
> At 3:21 AM -0500 1/19/02, Dmohlemacher at aol.com
> wrote:
> >What's the process for our cars (91 200 20v)
> Pretty simple..bleed the clutch(I have a victi...er,
> helper, press
> the clutch in, then I open the bleeder.  Close, then
> flip it around,
> open valve then press clutch, etc.  I do this a few
> times until fluid
> looks nice and clean.
> Then I move on to brakes...I've always started at
> the passenger rear,
> then moved to driver's side rear, then either
> front(probably driver's
> side front.)  I bet the Bentley contains the correct
> order.  If
> anyone knows why the order is important, I'm
> personally curious;
> doesn't seem like it should matter, save maybe
> something to do with
> either the proportioning valve or the ABS unit?
> >Is it the same for any other Audi/VW/Porsche?
> No idea.
> Brett

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