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At 6:50 AM -0800 1/20/02, Neil Swanson wrote:

>It seemed as if you were saying there is no advantage to a turbo upgrade.

Nope, I meant there is little point to the turbo upgrade, if you
don't alter the ECU to take advantage of it(looking back at my email,
I didn't do a very good job of saying this.)  I also initially forgot
he already had a mod done to the ECU as evidenced by my comment about
a $500 chip being more cost effective(he's already got the chip,
duuuh.)  I think the brain was on vacation, hope this clears up what
I was trying to say.

>Add the RS2 turbo.   If all boost mapping stayed the same as for a
>K24 then HP would be nearly the same. But the RS2 will produce
>cooler denser air charge. That equals HP and torque.

I should have mentioned that a larger turbo would be more efficient,
absolutely.  No chip needed for this of course.

Is that HP and torque from a slightly cooler charge(remember, you can
only become so efficient, there MUST be a temperature rise when you
compress the air) worth the $1500+ price tag?  I don't think so, but
can't say from personal experience.

It can't cost more than $200-300 to get the ECU switched to one that
takes advantage of the RS2.  Would that be worth it?  Much more so.

>You do of course loose some low speed response but this is expected
>and not news.

And if you keep the ECU the same, I'd argue this devalues the "just
the RS2 turbo" upgrade.  The 20vt's have a small turbo for a
reason...quick spoolup, and its one of the things I enjoy the most
about the 3B.  Remember, our car was supposed to be a "v8 killer"
going up against the 7-series and S line of mercs.

One of the chief complaints in a review of the RS2(done on the Isle
of Mann) was that it "took forever" to get into its range(but when it
did, wowie.)

>I'm sure Ned can do an ECU mod to take into account the extra air flow.

Well, yeah, extra air flow capabilities of the bigger turbo.  MAF
sensor(up to a point) handles accounting for air flow :-)

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