[200q20v] Upgraded Brakes

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A DIY caliper rebuild is zero cost opperation.  If you wish to paint them in
the process, sand blast them before disassembly.  The blasting will not harm
the rubber boots which will be reuseable.  Why would anyone decide to
replace UFO rotors?


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> That is true, but at $1300 for a track-ready brake system,
> that is quite a fair price.
> When you have calipers that need a full rebuild and warped
> rotors, then UFO rotor replacement is not enough and then
> you're talking about some serious bucks- I don't know how
> much it would cost to do a full rebuild of my calipers, but
> it wouldn't be cheap (gotta do that anyway one of these days).
> Plus, degreasing and cleaning the calipers is a major PITA-
> I imagine it will take me several hours w/ a Dremel to really
> clean them up and take all of the rust off as a prep for
> powdercoating.
> Taka
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> At ~$300 per rotor UFOs just are not that pricey Vs
> 'upgrades'.
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