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> Zero cost operation?!?
> I need to replace the piston seals, the big accordion boot thing,
> the bleeder screw caps and the cap to the guide pin housing.
Obviously there is a big difference between your needs and that of a
caliper.  I've been rebuilding calilpers and cylinders, master and wheel,
for 40 years and have never replaced piston seals. Boots only if torn, once
or twice over the period.  Bleeder screw caps, not worth even mentioning,
chewing gum will work.
> I don't have a sandblasting booth, so that would cost money as well.
So don't paint!  Adds nothing to function, only to looks.
> As for why anyone would replace UFO rotors, I have several reasons:
> 1. I need to rebuild the calipers and replace the warped UFO rotors.
How do you know that they are warped, unless you remember abusing them,
inasmuch as over time, they will always wear true.
> 2. I want my car to have track-ready brakes
Meaning a thin wallet!
> 3. I had the money at the time and you can't argue that my brake upgrade
> is less effective than the UFOs- that's plain wrong.
?  Please elaborate.
> 4. Finally, I have zero experience in caliper rebuilds, so that is not
> something I'd undertake, screw up, and kill myself in the car because
> I screwed up my brakes- I don't mess around with stuff like that.
Live and learn, or just live with a thin wallet.

> Taka
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> Taka,
> A DIY caliper rebuild is zero cost opperation.  If you wish to paint
> them in the process, sand blast them before disassembly.  The blasting
> will not harm the rubber boots which will be reuseable.  Why would
> anyone decide to replace UFO rotors?
> Bernie
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