[200q20v] Re: 200 Left me stranded.

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 21:07:45 EST 2002

A friend of mine was driving along when a similar thing happened on his
4kq....the halfshaft fell off.  Locked in the diffs and drove it home ~15
miles and just put it back on no problems...and torqued the bolts down
tighter this time :)  For the record, the CVs weren't too bad...just so long
as you realize that the "gentle" tap recommended by the Bentley is closer to
beating the sh!t out of it with a hammer and an aluminum drift :)  but many
of you have been there :)

Good luck!
1990 CQ 198K

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>Subject: 200 Left me stranded.
>Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 23:58:33 -0500
>Well, at 144K miles, the 200 20v failed me tonight.  Was looking for
>parking for
>the BU/BC hockey game.  Turned a tight corner, heard a "clunk" from the
>passenger side wheel well.  I pull over and take a gander. Everything looks
>nothing obvious is wrong.
>Go to pull back out into traffic, let out the clutch, nothing.  Engine was
>spinning, but car was not moving.  I could hear something spinning in the
>passenger wheel well, but nothing was happening.
>Upon closer inspection, I could see that the 1/2 shaft was spinning, but
>wheel was not moving.
>I'm guessing the outer CV went bye bye.  I'm trying to decide what to do
>Is this a fairly easy DIY?  Especially when it is 30 degrees out?  I seem
>remember it is easier and cheaper to just replace the whole 1/2 shaft.
>have any thoughts there?
>Trying to decide where to get the car towed to tomorrow, home or the shop.
>is if they are even open tomorrow.
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