[200q20v] Window regulators and the mechanically declined

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Jan 21 06:44:29 EST 2002

I don't know anything about the window operating mechanism, but if you want
to keep the window from dropping, jam a golf tee in next to the glass at
the lower front or rear corner.  Worked great on the parts car I have out
in the yard with no winders in place.

At 10:09 PM 01/20/2002 -0800, Dave Haupt wrote:

>I have a question, or two, or more, and a dreadful
>I figured if there was ONE repair I could pull off on
>my 1989 200Q without having to "go back for more
>parts" it was replacing the power window regulator.
>The driver's side went into that all-too-familiar
>scenario where the motor runs, but things are
>mechanically jammed up and you get lots of crunchy
>noises but end up pulling the window up & down by
>yourself.  When your daily commute often includes two
>stops to pay bridge toll, this is unacceptable.
>Easy enough, I figured, I just ordered the part from
>Blauvergnugen and waited for good weather on a Sunday.
>  Said wait took three months.
>The old one came out easily enough.  Just to check
>things out, I connected the new one before installing,
>since I have memories of electrical parts that didn't
>work once installed.  Bad move.  I hit the switch, and
>the motor moved and all those silly cable harnesses
>moved and the funny little cable end that fixes the
>cable in the upper part snapped right off.  What the
>$@!!!  As I looked at the old versus new assembly, it
>occured to me that this failure must be common.  Very
>gentle flexing of that cable puts enormous stress on
>that cable bushing, and it amazes me that they can
>even be shipped without being damaged.
>Question One: Has anybody else had experience with the
>Blau replacement window regulators like this?
>Question Two: Does anybody care to speculate whether
>Blau is likely to even listen to my plea for some
>financial assistance in obtaining the replacement,
>even though it's eesentially my fault?  Yes, I know, I
>should just call Blau.  Given the reality of my
>weekday life, a phone call to a parts dealer will have
>to wait a month.  Perhaps that explains a bit about
>why I hate dealing with dealers for parts - you
>somehow have to call or visit them during normal
>working hours.  If I can't do a thing via email, snail
>mail, or internet ordering, it doesn't get done!
>Question Three: Should somebody with my lack of
>mechanical aptitude even own this particular
>I'm reminded of the joke that goes around the internet
>about the customer support call that ends with "Ship
>the computer back to the manufacturer because you're
>too stupid to own one."  I fear I'm too mechanically
>inept to own this vehicle.
>And there it sits, in my neighborhood where cars get
>vandalized on a quarterly basis.  The driver's side
>window may *appear* to be up, but a slight bit of
>downward pressure with one hand, and anybody is in the
>car....not that the passenger side rear door lock
>actually works, anyway!
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>Santa Rosa, CA
>1989 200TQ Sedan 144k, dormant for three months
>1991 RX-7 106k daily driver with oil leaks and
>vandalized rear view mirror
>1987 ovloV (wife's) 240 in amazingly good condition
>for living in a ghetto
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