[200q20v] RS2 & 3B - Fueling Around

Archibald, Jon JArchibald at whpacific.com
Mon Jan 21 08:53:32 EST 2002

I run:

-RS2 airbox & MAF
-IA Stage 3+ ECU
-RS2 turbo
-modified factory 3b FPR to maintain 4.0 bar
-Porsche 951 fuel pump
-stock 3b injectors
-stock 3b cams
-3" exhaust

This combination, put together by the PO, works very well for me. The car
runs smoothly and reliably this way and passes emissions with ease. The
turbo will maintain 21 psi till 6200 rpm, the fuel mixture remains rich, and
as long as engine intake temps do not exceed 100-deg. F the ECU doesn't
freak out. I strongly recommend an EGT, A/F readout, and inlet temp readout
if undertaking mods at this level. From what I hear, RS2 injectors won't
work with a chip programmed for 3b injectors.

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