[200q20v] The UFO "fix"

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Jan 22 16:03:51 EST 2002

You want some setting where you can drive for a while without applying the
brakes afterward.   You really don't need high speed.  My approach is to
drive at 50/60 mph with the brakes applied firmly for a couple miles
(doesn't help your gas mileage).  Then drive a ways so the brakes can cool
off before you need to use them.  If you can limit  sitting at stoplights
with the brakes applied, you'll extend the time before needing another
brake tune-up.

At 10:37 AM 01/22/2002 -0500, Mark Trank wrote:

>Fellow listers:
>I've heard/read that there is a way to "fix" the shudder that I've recently
>experienced with my UFOs and straighten them out by high-speed followed by
>hard braking......can someone who has successfully attempted this maneuver
>provide me with specifics?  Feel free to do so off-list so as not to bore
>everyone else who already knows this!
>91 200q20v 92k miles
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