[200q20v] The UFO "fix"

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Tue Jan 22 15:57:18 EST 2002

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From: "Kneale Brownson" <knotnook at traverse.com>

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> You want some setting where you can drive for a while without applying the
> brakes afterward.   You really don't need high speed.  My approach is to
> drive at 50/60 mph with the brakes applied firmly for a couple miles
> (doesn't help your gas mileage).  Then drive a ways so the brakes can cool
> off before you need to use them.  If you can limit  sitting at stoplights
> with the brakes applied, you'll extend the time before needing another
> brake tune-up.

One needs to practice that "stoplight creep". Occasionally inching forward a
little so the pads are not held in the same spot on the rotors for long.

mike miller

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