[200q20v] Re: Burned Headlamp Plugs

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Wed Jan 23 09:45:32 EST 2002

The stock wires and plugs are too small a gauge for the high wattage
loads that the new lamps require. The fix is to pick up, from your
local auto parts house, the Bosch headlamp plugs that have #12 wire
and bigger contact surfaces. I don't have the part number, but I just
walked in the door and asked, and they handed them to me over the
counter, at less than $4.00 each. Then, you should make sure that the
other wiring is up to the task. I used #10 wire for all grounds, and
took it the ground buss on the engine. I presume that you are using
relays to switch the lamps, otherwise you run the very real risk of
burning out the stalk switch and other wiring, etc.

BTW, I also discovered that standard crimp connectors are prone to
internal burning and corrosion, so I switched to marine connectors
that have an epoxy sealant inside that oozes out and completely seals
the connector. They are available from the auto parts stores as well,
but cost about a buck apiece.
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