[200q20v] 3B injectors, orings and tips...

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Wed Jan 23 19:25:00 EST 2002

I just had my Bosch injectors cleaned\rebuilt at
Northern Factors Corp, in Portland Oregon.  They pull
off the old tips with a pair of needle nose pliers,
however they press the new tips on with a machine.  I'm
not certain if this can be done by hand.  My
recommendation would be to take them down to an injector
shop and have them flow tested and cleaned
professionally, it's a great service for only $15 per
injector, and puts the performance back to OEM flow
specs.  Good luck to you...

Greg Bird
Portland, Oregon
> I picked up the bosch injector seal kits, o-rings, spacer, and tips.  Has
> anyone replaced the yellow tips on their injectors.  The directions tell
> you not to remove the tips on injectors with the yellow spacer plates.
>  Does anyone know why,or has anyone removed and replaced with the supplied
> kits?
> Thanks
> Brian Link
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