[200q20v] to chip or not to chip...?

Zoot531 at aol.com Zoot531 at aol.com
Wed Jan 23 22:33:44 EST 2002


   Back and stronger than before, the white 200 is running like a champ.  I
can now say that the engine is operating in ideal form, making a full 1.7 bar
boost and the acceleration to back that up... I thought it was fast before.
Anyhow, what i am looking for is feedback from any lister that cares to
regarding their experience with chipping their cars.  The repairs set me back
a bit, but i anticipate being able to finance such an endeavor in a little
more than month.  I know that this is a topic often hashed over in public on
this list, so if you like, just contact me directly off list.  I am looking
for quantitative Before-After contrast in acceleration, smoothness,
drivability, and fuel economy, I know the IA chip seems to be the most
popular, but is this the best option?  What about IA stage III+?  it is not
listed on Ned's site.  Thanks for you time, respond at your leisure.  By the
way, any listers in the Stockton or Northern CA area?

Adam Chinchiolo
Pearl White 200q20v

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