[200q20v] to chip or not to chip...? IA Stage III+!

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Fri Jan 25 10:01:07 EST 2002

IA Stage III+ uses the stock 200q20v EFIs. My computer
MPG is +-1 0.1 MPG of actual computed MPG. I keep a
detailed log book in every car, all fill-ups,
oil-changes, maint, etc., are duitifully logged for
future use if/when needed. Great to have at re-sale


--- Claus Vegener <vegener at post7.tele.dk> wrote:
> I just have to ask -
> IA Stage III are using RS2 injectors.
> Your MPG (if from the board computer) still
> measure duty cycles, not knowing the amount of
> fuel?
> Kind Regards
> Claus Vegener
> (IA Stage III)
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> I am very very pleased with the IA Stage III+. Have
> had it over a year now. No loss of drivability
> whatsoever. No reliability problems. MPG even went
> UP
> by 1-2 MPG. My car is otherwise bone-stock.
> Excellent
> mod and superb perf/$ ratio. Could not be happier
> with
> it. I think Ned is just slow in updating his web
> site... It's available.
> Cheers!
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