[200q20v] front speaker repair

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Jan 26 14:23:06 EST 2002


Just cracked open the door and pulled my driver's side front speaker.

Initial examination was not revealing...but then the light hit the
circuit board just right, and sure enough, one of the larger
capacitors(C7 to be exact) looks like it wet the bed...nice shiny
circle around it.  Two smaller caps nearby have thoroughly corroded
over contacts.

My plan is to replace all as soon as I've snapped some pics, removed
the potting compound, unsoldered the old ones, and identified what
they are.

Expect complete super-zoomed up pics, a table showing which capacitor
goes where, an explanation of how to align them correctly
polarity-wise, digikey part numbers/prices, complete "tools needed"
list, instructions on getting the door off, and more in a day or
two...provided this all works :-)

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