[200q20v] win 2000 / xp family album instructions

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Sat Jan 26 19:17:28 EST 2002

Just wanted to repost this, as I see a few people have asked:

Do a full install on the C: drive, then
1) copy over all files (MINUS the *.INI files) from the CD's ET_PROG.NT4
to the C:\ET_PROG directory
2) copy LEXHDL5.DLL from the CD's ET_PROG.W95 directory to the
C:\ET_PROG directory

This should work for the CD Installation as well.  It appears the
problem is that the Family Album thinks W2K/XP is W95, when it is not.
This is the fix.


However, trying many different approaches, I've not been able to get
printing functioning correctly... seems to give a "segmentation
violation" fault.  I'd appreciate hearing about it if anyone has figured
that part of it out.

Also, has anyone had the family album running on NT, then upgraded to
Win 2000?  Does printing still work under those circumstances?

'91 200q20v

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