[200q20v] aftermarket/Audi shift knobs to replace worn-out stock unit

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Sat Jan 26 17:54:22 EST 2002

My preffered solution is to go to a junkyard and get a worn out leather
wrapped shift knob (or two) from an Audi. The seller looks at you funny and
then gives it to you for free. Take it home and trim the leather off right
up to the shift pattern logo. You'll find some really nice wood under there.
Sand it and refinish with nice stain and eurothane or shellac. Looks great,
it's cheap and you get the satisfaction of a personal touch in your car.
I actually redid the finish on the one in my 200 since it was shellaced
rather than leather to start with, but I made a nice one from the junkyard
for my urq and other past Audis.
HTH somebady,

"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton
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> Hi Listers,
> What are you using, and what would you recommend as a replacement?  I
> buy a factory replacement for $80 thru the dealer, but am interested in
> finding out which other Audi knobs would fit.
> Anyone using a UUC, Momo or Voodoo knob?  Any universal units that you'd
> recommend?
> TIA,
> Mitch Frey
> Portland, Oregon
> '91 200tq IA Stage 3
> '00 A6 2.7T
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