[200q20v] win 2000 / xp family album instructions

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
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Has anyone tried FA in "compatibility mode" on Win2K?
BTW, compatibility mode works in general for installs too. Just make a
shortcut to the installer and set the shortcut to run in compatibility mode.
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> Just wanted to repost this, as I see a few people have asked:
> Do a full install on the C: drive, then
> 1) copy over all files (MINUS the *.INI files) from the CD's ET_PROG.NT4
> to the C:\ET_PROG directory
> 2) copy LEXHDL5.DLL from the CD's ET_PROG.W95 directory to the
> C:\ET_PROG directory
> This should work for the CD Installation as well.  It appears the
> problem is that the Family Album thinks W2K/XP is W95, when it is not.
> This is the fix.
> ___
> However, trying many different approaches, I've not been able to get
> printing functioning correctly... seems to give a "segmentation
> violation" fault.  I'd appreciate hearing about it if anyone has figured
> that part of it out.
> Also, has anyone had the family album running on NT, then upgraded to
> Win 2000?  Does printing still work under those circumstances?
> Chris
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