[200q20v] aftermarket/Audi shift knobs to replace worn-out stock unit

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Sun Jan 27 20:50:34 EST 2002

The Voodoo knob you linked to looks almost exactly like the
UUC RKII, but the RKII has a shift pattern insert on the top.

I really like my RKII, although it is really cold on cold winter
days (must wear gloves when it's below freezing).

In order to really match well with my interior, a weighted wood
knob would be perfect, too bad no one makes a weighted Zebrano
wood shift knob with the shift pattern on top.


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<< My credo is: avoid "mongrelizing" the classy
'91 200q with after-market doo-dads and gimcrackery if at all

I'm definitely against mongrelizing, however, there may be a knob out
there which would be complimentary to the stock look.  I've checked into
the Audi wood knob at audiusa.com, but it looks too dark to match the
other wood in the car. See for yourselves:


Is that what Audi would consider as the replacement part? I figure,
either it should really match the wood, or a polished aluminum Voodoo
would be a better choice given the matching interior chrome door pulls.
I'm a simple freak...no aftermarket logos inscribed in a knob for
me...that's why I was wondering about a Voodoo.  No shift diagram, just
a ball of black or aluminum for around $30-$35. I loved the polished
Voodoo in my Miata. I've heard talk about a Voodoo designed for the A4,
but nothing can be found at their site. I just e-mailed them inquiring
about it.  You can check their knobs out at:


Mitch Frey
Portland, Oregon
'91 200tq IA Stage 3
'00 A6 2.7T
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