[200q20v] "host not found" bounces

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Jan 27 21:08:48 EST 2002


A few listers have already had problems with the more restrictive
configuration of our mail server.  The symptom is a "host not found"
error message, like the following:

>Failed to deliver to 'quattro at audifans.com'
>SMTP module(domain audifans.com) reports:
>  host audifans.com says:
>  450 <dc-mx07.cluster1.charter.net>: Helo command rejected: Host not found

Note the "Helo command rejected" part etc.  This is not the same as
if you were to accidentally mis-type audifans.com, so watch out for
that if you get an error that looks like the above.

This is basically what you need to tell your ISP or company IT
department if you get such a bounce.

Hello <your ISP>,

I'm trying to send email to a mailing list, but that mailing list has
anti-spam provisions set up on their mail server and does full DNS
checks on incoming mail.  It appears that your mail server does not
have DNS entries properly set up.  The admins at that site have
suggested one of two things:

-set your mail server to use a correct hostname in its HELO/EHLO
command when talking to other mail servers


-add BOTH forward AND reverse DNS entries for the hostname your mail
server claims to be from

One of their sysadmins is happy to work with you if you have any
questions; he can be reached at brett at cloud9.net.


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