[200q20v] Three '91 200qs for sale

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Jan 27 23:11:39 EST 2002

>Sorry Brett- they're not on audifans, but I thought someone
>may be interested:
>Spotted on Audiworld:
>Jeremy Williams' beautiful crystal silver/black '91 200q, unfortunately
>not being sold with those lovely BBS LMs. $14,500. GIAC chip?
>if you see this Jeremy, drop me a line.
>'91 200q charcoal grey in Gaithersburg, MD for $9,200.
>'91 200q Avant pearl white in Washington State for $12k.
>And I thought 200q20v prices have dropped into the $6-8k range,
>even for a mint car.

Yeh, I did, too (especially since I bought one recently at the lower
end of that range). But those $9K (and higher) prices you posted are
around where--optimistically--I would have _expected_ the '91 200q to
be selling these days. That expectation was based on the prices
several years ago plus the fact that, back then ('97-'99), it seemed
every Audiphile and his brother-in-law claimed to be searching (and
not finding) a '91 200q to buy. Remember those days, guys?

I guess that suppply has managed to satisfy demand, but I wonder
which has had the greatest shift over the past couple of years (i.e.,
has demand come way down, or have a lot more 2CQ20V cars simply
started to come on the market)? I suspect it involves some of both.
Many first and second owners must have finally gotten bored or
encountered "maintenance fatigue"--and decide to let go. Also a lot
potential buyers are finding Audi's newer cars to have more
enthusiast appeal than the offerings during the mid-to-late1990s.

Having recently bought my 2nd '91 200q (one-owner, 57K miles), it is
amusing to see a local dealer now asking several thousand more  ($9k)
for a '91 90 (20V) with 75 K miles. Now that's optimism!


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