[200q20v] Discount Convertor?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 28 09:33:28 EST 2002

Did you get a hit on discountconverter.com or randomtechnology.com?

I know discount convertor has cats for my car, but random doesn't,
at least not off the shelf.


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On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, Phil and Judy Rose wrote:

> ...or anything for Audi besides '99-'01 A4 models. Strange to think

I just checked and got 12 hits on '91 models. Including (laugh) one for
"Audi Turbo Quattro - 6cyl", both sides. I don't know what the 200q20v
has, but is it this?

I got my cat from them for my 91 90q20v. Worked just great and they were
nice to deal with.

1991 90q20v

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