[200q20v] RE: Lifting Stains... and Gains

Rob Andrews randrews at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 28 11:24:56 EST 2002

That is kinda what I figured.  But is there a such thing as cam that would
give higher lift without more valve overlap?

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> Subject: RE: Lifting Stains... and Gains
> Rob, in a supercharged application which is getting boost
> from crank speed not exhaust speed, greater overlap will
> cause power loss due to lost boost.  So yes, no need to go to
> a more aggressive cam really unless you are looking to take
> some power off the bottom and add it up top for greater peak power.
> In a turbo applicaiton, however, increased overlap isn't
> quite *as* bad of a thing.  Unlike a supercharger where boost
> out the exhaust heads down the exhaust, in a turbo
> application boost heads back through the exh turbine, thus
> creating more boost energy on the intake side.
> I'm more of a proponent for agressive overlap (relatively
> speaking) in turbo applications than most since unlike a
> supercharger, a turbo can actually help spool itself up with
> a little overlap.
> Javad
> > Good conversation fellows...But I have been wondering this now....
> > I run a 2.8 30 v V6.  It is aftermarket supercharged....
> > SOOO....would I gain anything by adding a cam, or would I
> be blowing too
> > much boost out through valve overlap?

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