[200q20v] RE: Lifting Stains... and Gains

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Mon Jan 28 10:29:52 EST 2002

I suspect you are asking two different questions about what you may be
looking for in a cam, or would that be CAMS modification?  Lift OR duration
vs. lift AND duration?  Exhaust AND Intake, or Exhaust or intake only?

You might consider taking a page out of the I5 engine playbook here.  All
Audi did was change the exhaust cam only, and that mostly for lift only, not
duration if I recall my degrees correctly.

As with most things, YMMV, but I suspect a bit more lift, assuming (and
that's probably a big and possibly very expensive assumption if one is
wrong) you have the room (both in the valve springs and top of the piston)
to make more lift on the exhaust side would be a +.

I hear, but don't know, those cam folks are supposed to have all sorts of
very fancy engine simulation software these days that is supposed to be able
to at least "suggest" some of the parameters and project results from
various modifications.


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Good conversation fellows...But I have been wondering this now....
I run a 2.8 30 v V6.  It is aftermarket supercharged....
SOOO....would I gain anything by adding a cam, or would I be blowing too
much boost out through valve overlap?

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