[200q20v] RE: "Blow, or Hardly Blown," or "My life under a Flow bench" by Monica L. & S...

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Mon Jan 28 11:35:07 EST 2002

Thanks for the reply Javad.  My intent was to provide the lists with a
baseline for factory flow numbers, using a "factory" spec valve job, and
factory head setup before the intervention of time, man or the variables of
whose machine shop may or may not have made what ever changes for what ever

My take on the information in your reply is the numbers I have are at least
within the ball park for what is known for a stock VW 16v head.  Yes or no?
Did you get a "stock" flow number for your .400 lift before you did your
work on the port?  Comparing a stock number to a stock number may be one way
of making a Kentucky windage adjustment for possible variations in flow
benches &/or flow bench / head setup arrangements (i.e. intake stack or no
stack etc.)

You've mentioned your work with the VW 16v head produced 250 cam at .400 of
lift.  Do you recall if that's a number "normalized" (or whatever the
correct term might be) for flow measured at 25" of water pressure?  We're
you doing this with an 81mm bore size, or were you planning on a larger
piston bore?  How about on the intake, was a flow stack used on the intake

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