[200q20v] Oxygenated fuel

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 19:39:07 EST 2002

Mileage has been low as of late, and at first forgot about the subject line.
  So gladly before I was up to my ears in troubleshooting, the cause of my
low mileage was revealed.


Has anybody seen oxygenated fuel to also result in lowered boost levels?
I'm only seeing 1.3 to 1.4.  Yuck!

Culprits I'm thinking right now (translate: things I know aren't 100%) are
tbv, multi-temp sensor, and a recurant (and intermitant) intake air-temp
sensor fault.  No vacuum leaks encountered, air filter is good/clean
(enough), and for the most part intake/pressure hoses only have two holes;
those included in the manufacturing process.  While I haven't checked the
throttle potentiometer, I have reason to believe it's ok.

Any suggestions, or feedback on any of these points?

Now that I'm working again, it really won't be all that hard to spend that
extra money!

Derek P

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