[200q20v] Sumitomo tires?

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At least they are rated to 51 psi. That's good. I was unpleasantly surprised
when I noticed that the Dunlop D60A2's (All Season) are only rated to 36
PSI. That's just not enough for a big/heavy Audi like a 200. Next time I'm
going for performance tires on one set of wheels and snows on another for my
big Audi....  Both of my "little" Audis have performance tires on them since
they don't go to the snow. Actually, last year it snowed locally which is
very unusual and I drove the urq in it. I drove very carefully and had no
trouble, but snow tires would have been much better of course.
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> Anyone have experience with Sumitomo tires on their
> car? TireRack has the Sumitomo HTR 200 for $46, which
> is way cheap, obviously. They have very good marks in
> the survey results, but I don't know how reliable
> those are. I know Sumitomo is the parent of Dunlop,
> but I don't know if these are similar to a specific
> Dunlop tire or not.
> Not looking to start a tire debate or a huge "I run X
> tires" thread.
> Thanks,
> Rob Winchell
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