[200q20v] bose speaker repair guide done!

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Jan 29 22:07:56 EST 2002

The doc is pretty much done.  There are probably still some
grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, so on so forth...but it is 95%
there.  I will at some point either make pictures available
separately or include them in the docs themselves; I don't think
they're necessary per se.

One big note: it doesn't include component lists for the -rear-
speaker amps, mostly because I can't find my dead rear bose speaker I
had hanging around to crack it open and look at how -it- failed and
what components need replacing.  Anyone near Wayland, MA, who could
drop off a dead rear unit by Thursday afternoon, preferably Wednesday
some time?  If so, you'll get it repaired for
cost-of-components($6-ish) if it can be repaired at all.  It may take
a few days if I don't have the components already.

Please provide comments, corrections, etc privately(do not cc the list.)

Also, please do not inform the other lists just yet.  I want to have
a limited # of eyeballs look over this to catch any mistakes, and
release it in a few hours to the quattro and V8 lists etc.
Similarly, you might not want to run out to the car right now and
follow the instructions etc, let it "simmer" for a day or two in the
public spotlight to see if any mistakes come up.

As the page says, DO NOT use acrobat's web browser plugin to view the
PDF version if you're on Windows with internet explorer; save to your
hard disk, then open like a normal document; should open immediately.
Leave it to IE to be broken(Netscape, Opera etc work fine.)  Seems to
work fine on MacOS in-browser w/plugin and via Acrobat Reader itself,
and works fine in OS X Preview.  Same with both ghostscript and
Acrobat Reader on Linux.

Please do not bookmark the page you are taken to; bookmark the below
URL(it load balances among 3-4 servers automagically) if you really
want to bookmark something :-)

BTW, the PDF is -VERY- pretty and I highly recommend it over the HTML
version, it is only 150kB...


Any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc will be greatly
appreciated, but again, send them privately(please!)

PS:the guide bears the usual disclaimers, your mileage may vary, use
at your own risk, offered in good faith, blah blah blah.
PPS:I'm -considering- offering to fix units(since I have all the
tools) at the NEQ winter driving schools which I will be at(#1 as a
volunteer; #2 as an attendee), for a small fee for my time and to
cover cost of components/supplies.  ---I have to clear it first with
the club to make sure they're cool with me doing this at their
event---, but if you are attending, have dead speaker(s) and would be
interested, drop me a line.  I -might- be able to do rear speakers by
the first event(this weekend), certainly by the second school.
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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin
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