[200q20v] ADMIN: some list updates from Dan - please read

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Wed Jan 30 20:43:07 EST 2002

Just a quick update on a few things:

- the problem where the audifans server was blacklisted due to allowing
some spam relay was fixed.  Brett put in some long hours switching us
from sendmail to postfix, but it turned out the problem was in the
antivirus software (long story).  Thanks for his efforts anyway, the
list should be much faster now.

- the antivirus "bug" has been repaired and a current antivirus program,
spam free, is now installed on the server.  You should still use normal
caution with any mail you receive, because no antivirus program can
catch everything.

- Round 1 of the 10th anniversary shirts is over, and there are several
leftovers, so I should start filling some round 2 orders which have been
prepaid this weekend (this is NOT an invitation to send money now!)
When round 2 is open, I will make it clear.

I want to emphasize that the shirts project is a sideline for me and in
almost no way a money maker.  The small profit will help offset the
costs of running the site, but will not even come close to making a dent
in 10 years of electricity and other operational costs.  I did it so I
could look back and say I did something neat that benefitted people.

By and large everyone has been very good about orders, delays, mixups
etc but a couple of people have had a bug up their ass since almost the
start, and it's enough to make me want to cancel round 2.  I won't, but
please keep in mind that I have a million things to do (family, work,
repairing my own cars) that have to take precedence over the shirts.  I
sent shirts overseas to people who haven't even paid yet, since I didn't
know the shipping costs at the time.  So if you sent money and didn't
get a shirt yet because you didn't follow directions, please don't sit
there and accuse me of this that and the other thing (nationalism even
got on the list somehow!)

End of rant.  The shirts are awesome and I want everyone to have one -

As you may know, the shirt was designed by Thompson Smith with list
input.  I have set aside a small stipend to reward Thompson for his
designs, but want to publically thank him for his cheerful efforts to
design, review, and help in selecting a place to print these.

Looks like nasty weather is coming tonight.  Gotta go driving :)

| Dan |

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