[200q20v] Hakka dis, hakka dat...

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Jan 31 09:44:42 EST 2002

Just called Sullivan tire, a local  chain, and they -finally- got
back to me about a set of Hakka Q's for the stock rims.

"Sorry, my warehouse says they don't make those in 15 inch anymore."

"EXCUSE me?  I don't think so.  No longer made, or he doesn't have stock?"

"No longer available."

(ie, not an answer to the question.)

"aalllright.  What about Hakka Ones?"

"Nope, sorry, same thing."

WTF?  Nokian didn't just drop the two major snow tire lines for one
of THE most popular wheel diameters.

So I call the Nashua store; they have 195/65/15 Hakka 1's, nothing
else, but he can find out if anybody has the Q(which is what I wanted
originally) in the stock size(215/60/15) or if he can get any of the
3 sizes I gave him.

"Huh, your Framingham store told me they don't make either 1s or qs
in the 15in anymore."

"Phhbt, they're full of it."

So, he calls me back after I asked if he could get the Q's; I really
don't want the 1, I want a studless.

"Hey, it turns out they don't make that EXACT size anymore.  They
make plenty of 15inchers."

"He made it clear, no 15 inchers."

"Yeah, he's totally wrong."

"Thought so."

He's got 'em in 195/65/15.  Pefect.

So, the last question in the back of my mind is, should I really be
going for the 1's instead of the Q? He's got the 1 in the same size,
but the total for all 4 m&b is well over $400 versus $380 m&b for the
q's.  Everyone I've talked to has the 1, not the Q.

I have a no-commitment hold on a set of 195/65/15 Q's, I don't think
he'd mind if I switched to the 1.  Gotta make a quick decision on
this one, if I'm going up to Nashua, it has to be very, very
soon(next hour or two.)

Nokian's pages about the 1 and Q are not particularly helpful in this decision.

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